Avon Valley Membership Information, 2015

Memberships are now available for the 2015 season- no initiation fees or mandatory bar/ service bills other than a one-time, refundable share purchase of $115 (tax inc) if required. Click for the 2015 General Application Form for adult classifications including Intermediate, and/ or the Junior/ Pee-wee form if applying as or on behalf of a younger person. Both forms have info on applying for the family discount.

Download, print & complete the form(s) you need and forward them to the Club with payment enclosed. If you require pre-printed forms, you can pick them up at the Club's office during normal business hours. Or, you can call 902-798-4654/ e-mail avgcc@eastlink.ca to request them by mail.

For your convenience the 2015 rates are below, and you can call Brad Corkum, the Club's General Manager, at 902-798-4405 or send him an e-mail at genmgr@eastlink.ca should you have questions. If new to Avon Valley, click here to see what we offer!

2015 Rates- Dues and Services
Slight increases are again required for the 2015 season to keep pace with inflation and known increases to NSGA levies, labour costs, power, fuel, municipal taxes, supplies and more: all prices shown are tax-included.

Full (Share req'd: see the General app form for info on available discount) $1180.00
Value (Note- no new members are being accepted into this classification) $1080.00
Limited (Note- no new members are being accepted into this classification)   $900.00
Intermediate (Share req'd: ages 19-30 inclusive, see General app form for details)   $925.00
Junior (No share req'd: must be 13 but not yet 19 as of March 1, 2015)   $350.00
Pee Wee (No share req'd: must be 8 but not yet 13 as of March 1, 2015)   $180.00
See either app form for Family Discount info applicable to Jrs/ Pee-wees!   
Leave of Absence/ Social Membership     $50.00
Optional Services
Seasonal pull-cart rental     $75.00
Seasonal club care & storage   $135.00
Storage of personal pull cart or electric kaddy (available with club care/ storage only)       $90.00
Seasonal locker rental (shoes may not be stored in lockers)     $55.00
Seasonal shoe storage (available with locker rental only)     $12.50

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