Avon Valley Junior Development, 2015
May 20, 2015
A reminder that there will be an open house for Junior & Pee Wee membership registration on Saturday, May 30th at 1:00 PM.

Welcome to our new instructors for 2015!

Todd Bishop is a Class "A" PGA of Canada professional, and is Eastern Canada's only certified Level ll K-VEST Instructor. His studies include Dalhousie (BA), Humber College (PGM) and the school of hard knocks, competing on US Pro Golf Tour, Great Lakes Tour, the NGA Tour and the Florida Pro Golf Tour. Todd is a life long student of the game and continues to reach new levels by sourcing the newest and best techniques available to the market. Todd has been helping students play better golf for the past 6 years, and most importantly helps golfers enjoy the game they love a lot more!

Jeff Bishop is also a PGA of Canada professional, also a certified Stack and Tilt and Aimpoint instructor, and has 3 years of international professional playing experience. Jeff recently moved back to Halifax from Florida to enter a new stage of his golfing career. Prior to moving back to Halifax, Jeff worked with master ball striker Mike Bennett, with Dave Stockton for the short game and with mental guru Dr. Bob Rotella. Jeff believes the game encompasses all aspects of the mind and body, so has delved into Yoga, meditation, the mental game, and expert coaching to search for any competitive advantage.

You can learn more about what our new instructors offer on their website, Bishop Brothers Golf

RESOURCES for 2015

  • Still time to join or renew- here's your 2015 Pee-wee/ Junior Membership Application
  • The 2015 Junior Handbook: this may be subject to change.
  • Info on the 2015 Clinics (topics, times/ dates, participant groupings etc.) will be made available when ready, as will the names of the members of the Junior Development Committee.

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