Avon Go Round newsletter, 2015

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Newsletter distribution/ contact procedures:
The Avon Go Round B&W print edition is distributed at the Clubhouse normally no later than the last Friday of each month from May through October. On the date of publication, members with e-mail addresses registered with the Pro Shop are sent links to the full-colour electronic versions posted below. An additional online-only issue is posted each November, with notification also issued by e-mail. To register your e-mail address, reserve a monthly print copy, or request a published picture or information on advertising or other matters, please leave a message with the Pro Shop or send an e-mail to info@avonvalleygolf.com. Use the same procedure to submit contest entries, letters to the editor, pictures or anything else for publication, ensuring receipt by the 15th of the month.

2014 issues:

May, 2014 Welcome to the 2014 Season- Annual Meeting report, Spring Tune-up & more...
June, 2014 Fun Night, Doris Brown, Men's 2-Ball/ Scramble and various reports.
Jr Invitational, Fun Night, AV-Tim Hortons Mixed Invitational, an important survey
on the Avon Go Round & more...
Mixed, Junior, Men's & Ladies Club Championships, shareholder meeting notice,
pics and a reminder on the survey...
The business meeting & survey summaries, the usual September events plus the
LaPierre and Macpherson (rescheduled from July due to Arthur)- and more...
Oct, 2014 Cec & Norm Harvest, Die Hard, the provisional 2014 Ace list- & the usual "more"...
Nov, 2014
The annual review of improvements, a bonus "What? from Where?" contest, our thanks to
advertisers AND the 2015 General & Junior/ Pee-wee Membership Application/ Renewal Forms

Back issues
Click here for all seasonal issues from 2006 through 2014, fifteen single issues from the 1992 through 2005 seasons, and a scrapbook of events mainly from the 1990's! If you have anything to add to this collection, please advise as indicated on the page!

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