Avon Go Round newsletter, 2013

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Newsletter distribution/ contact procedures:
The Avon Go Round B&W print edition is distributed at the Clubhouse no later than the last Friday of each month from May through October: at the same time, members with registered e-mail addresses are sent links to the full-colour electronic versions below. An online-only issue is posted each November, with notification also issued by e-mail. To register your e-mail address, reserve a monthly print copy, or request a published picture or information on advertising or other matters, please leave a message with the Pro Shop or send an e-mail to info@avonvalleygolf.com. Use the same procedure to submit contest entries, letters to the editor, pictures or anything else for publication: please ensure receipt by the 15th of the month.

2013 issues:

May, 2013 Welcome to the 2013 Season- lots of info to get you started!
June, 2013 Spring Tune-up, Doris Brown and Best Ball results- and more...
July, 2013

2013 Junior Invitational, MacPherson, Lapierre, Avon Valley- Tim Hortons Mixed Inv
and the usual features!
August, 2013 Mixed, Men's, Ladies' & Junior Club Championships, contests & more...
Sept, 2013 Fun Night, Winges & Hodder, Men's and Ladies' Night Finals, contest, etc.
Oct, 2013 Harvest Scramble, Die Hard, works-in-progress, and more
November, 2013

Online-only: Iron Person results, annual review of improvements, thanks to
advertisers, another What? from Where? and the 2014 Application/ Renewal forms...

Back issues- New additions January 26, 2014
Click here for all seasonal issues from 2006 through 2013- PLUS fifteen newly-added single issues from 1992 tthrough 2005 AND a scrapbook of memorabilia!.

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