Something to tide you over the rest of the winter

As a  service from the Club to help you strategize your 2016 season, we’re pleased to post the Sept 6/15  Google earth™ satellite image of the grounds.  Click  here to open a window with a downloadable pic large enough to use on most computers as wallpaper- but be sure to come back & click on ‘read more’!

You can also ‘tour’ the map in interactive mode on Google earth- click here to install this free program if required.  Play around with the tools provided: use the status bar to find the highest and lowest points of ground on the course, also the differences in elevation for typical shots you might have to make.  The ruler/ path tool helps estimate distances to hazards and other features in play.  The path tool also helps calculate how much you walk (or walk/ ride) in a typical game.  Enjoy!!!