Lorraine Purcell and Robert MacPherson

Wayne Northup with David and Nancy Delahunt

Cathy McGinnis with Paul and Shelley King

Robert MacPherson, Shelley King and Maurice Digdon

lf – rt Lorraine Purcell – Low net for Field. Cathy MacDonald winner

1st Division winners
Helen Castonguay, Simone MacKenzie,Joan Langille Elliott, Sandra Mumford, Susan Tumlin and Jennifer Comeau

3rd division winners
Brenda Joudrey, Noreen Turner, Linda Fraser, Debbie McCully, Gail Goyer and Bev Digdon

2nd Division winners
Pam Jenkins, Fredericka MacLean, Nancy Flemming, Susan Forbrigger, Ann Thomas and Karen Miller

Robert MacPherson presents the MacPherson 2 Ball trophy to John Walsh and Maurice Lynch. Congratulation!

MacPherson 2 Ball Winners


All the participants gather around Owen LaPierre with the winners Judy Young and Shelley King

Winners of the Gross Division in the Doris Brown Memorial Tournament.
Cathy McGinnis and Lorraine Purcell

Winners of the Doris Brown Memorial Tournament.
Judy Young and Shelley King (Net)