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With 36 Shareholders attending and a quorum of 30 in effect, the 45th Annual General Meeting convened at 2:00 PM March 20, 2016 in the Clubhouse as scheduled.

Click for the draft Minutes, unofficial until approved at the 2017 AGM-  refer to the following as required:

  • the Notice of Meeting/ Proxy form, noting there was a last-minute withdrawal from the slate of nominees for election: the incoming Board undertook to address this soonest.
  • The Minutes of the 44th AGM held March 29, 2015 as approved by this year’s attending Shareholders.
  • The Reports of the President, Directors and GM also approved.
  • The 2016 Financial Documents including the 2016 Operating Budget were reviewed with good discussion: this was not subject to vote
  • The Capital Budget covering possible acquisitions and improvements in 2016 was approved, with the provision that the noted expenditures will be made only if the Club’s financial position throughout the season supports this.
  • Finally, the  Audited Financial Statements as prepared by the firm of Morse Brewster Lake were reviewed: the firm was re-appointed by Shareholders as the Club’s auditors.

The Board thanks all Shareholders for your interest in these proceedings and invite your questions, corrections, suggestions or comments by email c/o avgcc@eastlink.ca using subject line “Re: 2016 AGM”